Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So yeah

If I could edit all my memories,
I'd delete all of my friends,
And keep all of my enemies.

And on that note~

It seems that I cannot comment on anyone's pages =/  I've been trying for about a month now, getting on at different times and whatnot.  So sorry if it seems that I am not very generous when we make blog love.  There are a few people that I'd like to say hi to though.  People whose blogs I've repeatedly failed at commenting on~

Mr Anthropy, thank you for your support and comments :]  I can't listen to the songs you've recently posted, but you look cool in your picture.  Happy Halloween!

AllenTesch, your blog always makes me chuckle.  Congrats on your small screen debut.  You are a six letter word for Unrelated.

Mr. Pope, I really enjoy your blog and I think you are completely awesome.  Your posts make me laugh every time.

Melanie, I enjoy your posts, though it makes me sad that I cannot try any recipies until I get home :(  Mostly, you just make me hungry for good food.

Jessica, Where the hell did you go?  Your blog always makes me think.  I hate you for getting more comments than me even when you haven't posted for a month~

ComeatmeBro, I enjoy your tech news.  There's been a few things I've wanted to comment on, and it makes me pull my hair out that I can't!  marblecake

SubRadarMike, I like your style and thanks for all the fun tunes to listen to :]

It's not that I don't read your blogs, it's just that I can't comment =/  Honestly, reading your blogs is one of the few things I ever get to do for entertainment out here and it makes me feel a little more connected to the outside world.  I hope you all keep it up, and thanks for all your support :) 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Once upon a time, there were scribbles on a page.
And those scribbles grew, and Grew, and GREW, until they became words.
And it might sound absurd, but those words became rhymes.
And as the rhymes began to make sense, their lines became statements.
And the state of their mentality was to take logical fallacies and make their abnormalities just stop and go away.
I'm not going to say, that all I do is rite.
But writing wrongs and righting songs is how I choose to fight.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Allow me to introduce myself

For the most part, I've kept this blog free of information about my personal life.  It's not that I'm paranoid, it's that I'm not really allowed to go into too much detail about what I do on a daily basis.  But there are some vague tidbits I can share.

First of all, I've mentioned several times that my internet situation at the moment is somewhat tenuous.  This is because I am currently onboard an aircraft carrier and sailing around the mediterranean.  I am enlisted in the US Navy and am enduring a 7 month cruise, supporting flight ops so that our pilots can drop ordinance on some jihaddin motherfckers. 

This is my second cruise since I enlisted over 3 years ago.  I'll be getting out of the Navy in 8 months, and frankly, I can't wait to be a civillian again.  The Navy has done a lot of good for me.  It's gained me world experience, some free college classes, helped me save money, and will be paying for my school when I get out.  Over this cruise and the last, I've visited Brazil, Peru, England, Spain, Italy, Dubai, and the United Arab Empire.  I was onboard the Carl Vinson, which was the first responder to the earthquake in Haiti crisis.  On this cruise, I've taken a psychology class, an english class, and will be starting English Comp 2 soon. 

But enough about work.  I'm 23 years old.  Like dogs, but love cats.  I like to write and draw.  I like video games and movies.  I'm learning to play the guitar.  And my first life's goal will be to ensure Humans colonize another planet so that the existence of our species is not at the mercy of a rogue asteroid.  My second life's goal will be to live forever, and my third life's goal will be to transcend time... but I'm taking things one at a time~

Sorry if you're one of the people whom I never seem to comment back to, there are a few of you whose comment boxes simply will not work for me =/  However, this cruise is over halfway done, and in a few months, I'll be far more active on my blogging.

I hope you've found this interesting.  I can't really tell you too much more about what I do.  If I did, I wouldn't have to kill you, but I'd probably get my internet priviledges revoked~

Much love,

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fel's Song

I will not forget your song,
Stay with me til I am gone,
Burning now with your desire,
I will catch onto your fire.

Please don't leave this world to me,
Light the path so I can see,
In the darkness you are there,
Answering my silent prayer.

When the morning light doth come,
You will see your song is sung,
I will not let your sun set,
New day borne with no regret.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Love taps

When love taps on your door, knock knock, who's there to answer it.  Not not the ghost of a smile that flickered across my face.  A calling card is left in my place, like an ace in the hole and your whole world is left spinning in a glass case.  You could travel to the ends of the earth and still never find a witch clever enough to lift this curse.  The looping verse repeats like a broken stereo, providing theme music for the cat that's chasing his own tail.  And the tell tale glimmers of hope are just fool's gold dangling like karats on a rope. 

I snapped the binds you tied me down with, and rolled off that track before the train hit.  I escaped with my wits in tact, in fact, more than that.  I gained some some wisdom and grew up fast.  The empty flask is all that remains of the drinking game we played called drunk off love.  We swayed together, struggling to find our feet, but I fell for it, if only because I refused to back down and would never retreat.  So speak softly when you say my name, as reverently as a prayer for the clinically insane.  These finicky, inane, pretty words that I'm saying are picked out like flowers to place on your grave.  They're powerless to save themselves from having their petals plucked off, one at a time, and dropped on this page, like rhyme after rhyme.  Watch me turn a blind eye to the pain you have caused.  You cannot hurt me; I've dusted you off.

Screwtape's Welcoming

Letchers and Wretches!  Mongrels and Madmen!  Cowards and cruel Cunt Whores!  Offer me your ears.  Relinquish your senses and allow my vile sinistry to pervade your thoughts and minds.

For your next lifetime, your free will will be forfiet.  You will surrender your humanity.  you have been condemned to catastrophe.  Any Gods you may have worshipped have forsaken you.  Your entire soul will be enslaved.

You will forget who you are.  You will forget who you were.  You will forget all thoughts of the future.  All of your dreams shall be twisted into tragedies.  All of your desires shall become depravities.  The remaining scraps of your potential shall be a feast for our Cerberi to devour.  We will take all your pitiful pleasures and churn them into unbearable pain.

Agony awaits you. your tattered bodies shall be hacked to pieces and divided as personal trophies to Infernal Fiends.  Your eyes will be ground into your skulls.  Your ears will be chiseled into points.  And your limbs will become so mangled that the thoughts of moving will register only as miserable convulsions.  Your chest shall be smashed inward and then ripped outward, exposing your heart and lungs to be left for festering decripation until they shrivel away into dry husks and crack apart, collapsing into dust.

All that will remain of you is a soulless, baren, cavernous tomb.  And from this tomb, we shall resurect your body into a fortress of suffering.  A wailing blight.  A malovent Demon.  Welcome Companions!  Welcome to Hell!

Friday, August 12, 2011

What's beef

Not my best work, but listening to big papa puts me in a venting mood~

You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve been through,
Even if I give it to you straight uncut, you’ll still think critical,
You’ll still think I’m making it up,
You’ll still think I never sold drugs,
You still can’t picture such a pretty face pulling a gun on a junkie,
You still won’t understand what it felt like to have nothing,
I could tell you about the first time I stole my brother’s nine milli,
Because my ex best friend was saying that she was going to kill me,
I could show you my three favorite knives and tell you where they still are,
One in my purse, one under my pillow, and one in my car,
I stole a machete once from walmart that I had to throw away,
It got blood on it, swinging wide to keep five guys at bay,
I should tell you how much I hate all the drama, for real, not fake,
Cuz they just can't relate.  They don't even know what’s beef,
Beef is when a gang runs up into your house but you were already waiting in the street,
Beef is when you drive over the lawn and smash your car into the side of their jeep,
Beef is when you move out before you’re eighteen because you don’t want your life to affect your family,
Beef is pulling a trigger just to make a point,
Beef is punks trying to snatch your figures while you were passing them the joint,
Beef is something that you don’t want but refuse to run away from,
Beef aint some dumbshit snotty bitches making fun of where you got your hair done,
I don’t miss it, but sometime I wish that I could go back,
Go back to not giving a fuck and cooking up some crack,
Go back to choking bitches out in public,
Go back to lighting houses on fire, to show you that I’m not somebody you fuck with,
Go back to stealing cars out of the mall parking lot,
Before they even got reported, I’d be dropping them off at the chop shop,
I don’t mention it because I know everybody’s got their problems,
But if these bitches keep on pushing me, I swear to god I’ll rob them,
I swear to god I’ll do it,
I swear to god I’ll prove it,
I swear to god I’m not the one to screw with,
Because believe it or not, I’ve still got a glock that I’ve buried in the ground and covered up with a rock,
So believe what you want because I don’t like to flaunt the fact that I’ve seen too many homies get shot,
You’ll believe what you will, but believe I will kill on a deal for a meal,
I may seem like I’m well adjusted,
I may seem like I can be trusted,
Trust me, I can come off as smart, pretty, polite,
But get buck with me and you’ll see how I fight,
I am not nice,
It’s all an act,
I’m cold as ice,
My eyes are black,
I think I’m becoming more normal,
But it’s not happening fast,
I live like I’m at a gangster Formal,
Deadly with a touch of class.

Learned Love

This is an essay I wrote for my english class.  You don't have to read it, but I want to back it up online.  Plus, it's an example of my dazzling ability to cite my works, which is good because several writing gigs will check blogs~

Throughout history, there has never been a greater question than the consideration of: What is love?  There have been songs, sonnets, poems, stories, shows, queries, arguments and even wars about it.  But has anyone ever taken a step back and looked at it scientifically?  My proposal is that “Love,” with all of its intricacies, beauties, and complications, is merely an evolutionary trait that has been crucially influential to our species rise to the top of the food chain.  More specifically, love is the desire to gain and maintain support from another person or community.  This trait has been the keystone to the cohesion of our society.
            Without being able to depend on each other, human beings would never have been able to rise above the status of communitive animals.  Though there are many psychological theories of love, traits such as friendship, compassion, respect, and dependence are common aspects (Cherry).  These characteristics allow us to support each other and build a stable society where members are allowed to pursue their own lives and individual desires, while at the same time, working together for the good of the whole community.  Supporting each other in this way allows entire societies to build upon themselves.
            According to a study done by anthropologists William Jankowiak and Edward Fischer, romantic love occurs in 147 out of the 166 cultures that they studied (Gray).  This shows that love is a common aspect of most communities.  What is love?  Webster’s Dictionary says that love is a “strong affection for another person, esp. of the opposite sex” (Morehead, 430).  Meanwhile,’s highest rated definition says that love is “nature’s way of tricking people into reproducing” (Anonymous).  So it seems that there is some debate on the matter.  My theory, that love is the desire for support, is based off of what can be observed in everyday life.  Children naturally love their parents because parents offer massive support in the means of sustenance, protection, and guidance.  Parents love their children, whose support is sometimes not as obvious.  Children support their parents in the way of offering dreams and fantasies of what they can and want to accomplish.  These mental imaginings offer hope for the future and motivate parents to do the best they can to guide their young into happy and successful roles in society, thus giving the mother and father a sense of worth and accomplishment. 
Although very real, this type of love, or support, is different than what most people would call romantic love.  Romantic love is where babies come from.  Two individuals come together and consummate their emotions in the most intimately physical way.  When a person finds a partner with whom they deem suitable for mating, their heartbeat will quicken so they can take more action, their pupils will dilate so they can see more light, and euphoria will envelope their mind so that everything in life seems pleasurable (CTC, Gen. Psych, Vol. 1, 314).  These are the natural responses of sexual attraction.  But in order to be sexually attracted, the possibility of support must exist.  Females typically look for tall strong males, while males generally seek out women with wide hips and large breasts.  The sense of support is quite obvious in this case.  A physically powerful male will be able to support his woman with protection and his natural ability to provide food.  A female of good child-bearing proportions will be able to support a man with many children to carry on his genes. 
Unfortunately, males and females don’t always see eye to eye as to who is suitable for whom.  What of unrequited love?  Is it real, or just a counterproductive obsession?  Well if you look at love as support, you will find that it is both.  When a person desires a particular mate, they begin to imagine situations involving that individual.  They might dream of engaging in sex or fantasize even more deeply about marriage and having a family.  These imaginings become the driving force behind their actions, and though their feelings may not be returned, the motivation is every bit as real as any other sort of love.  Sadly, over time, these sorts of situations can lead to delusion, or even worse, disillusion.  Unrequited love can support an individual’s psyche temporarily, but unless they return to reality, they will always be chasing a dream. 
            The true dream is when two individuals come together harmoniously and passionately.  If they both desire each other and become intimate, they will share a feeling of closeness (CTC, Gen. Psych, Vol. 2, 610).  This closeness leads to shared dreams, which is support that can become tangible in the physical world.  They may get married, have children, and do the normal productive things that families tend to do in their community.  If you’ll forgive the generalized gender roles; a husband/father will work harder in order to support his family and wife with their physical needs and a wife/mother will become wiser and kinder, in order to support her children and husband with mental and emotional guidance.  These traits of well-functioning families would be passed on to their children, and eventually, the supportive evolutionary trait of love would be encoded into our D.N.A.  More destructive families, that are not predispositioned to love, would find it harder to survive in a non-supportive environment, and eventually die out.
            I’m not saying that every household is perfect.  Love is a hard thing to hold onto.  I’m saying that over thousands of generations, the entire human species has developed the capacity to love, i.e. to support one another.  So how come love can seem so hard?
            Have you ever heard the common expression that you can’t love someone if you don’t love yourself?  This expression is true.  From my personal experience, I have found that love is unnecessary to get by.  More than once, I have been cut off from everybody that loves me and everybody that supports me.  As sailors aboard the USS George H. W. Bush, we all have felt the strain of separation from our loved ones.  Some lose their minds and cannot deal with it, but the majority of us find ways to cope.  During these especially strenuous and challenging moments, we may feel isolated and alone, like a single candle’s flame.  We may feel as though there is nobody in the entire world that can lend a helping hand.  But in that darkness, we find a light in ourselves.  We learn that true support does not come from a fantasy or another person.  True support comes from our own two legs, and with those legs we can continue to walk.  We can run.  And we can fly.  In learning to support ourselves, we learn to love ourselves.  And when we love ourselves, we can truly love others.
            Allow me to restate that common expression with support substituted for love.  You cannot support somebody, if you cannot support yourself.  The expression is still true.  True love can help build your community, it can create a family, and it can even endure if unrequited.  But if you cannot truly support yourself, you cannot truly give love to another.       

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Free Bird

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Stray Dog.  Stray Dog had no family and no friends.  But Stray Dog owned the city.  Wherever Stray Dog wanted to go, he would go.  And whatever Stray Dog wanted to have, he would take.

This kind of lifestyle led Stray Dog into many fights.  And those fights left him with many scars.  But soon, after biting and fighting so many times, the beasts of the city jungle learned to leave Stray Dog alone.  And alone is what he thought he wanted.

One day, while sitting on top of a building, Stray Dog watched a new flock fly into his city.  He watched them from above while they gathered their things and made a nest.  Among this new flock was a girl named Free Bird.

Free Bird had a family, but couldn't find a home.  Every time she thought she could settle down, her family would leave and she would have to leave with them.  Her family would leave because the things they did were unnacceptable, and whenever they were discovered, they were forced to run.  Free Bird did not choose to do the thingts her flock did, but with no home, she had no choice but to stay with them, because she longed to belong.

When Stray Dog first saw Free Bird, he was immediately captivated by the look in her eyes.  More than anything he had ever wanted, he wanted her eyes to be for him.  So, being the way that Stray Dog was, he dropped fom the rooftop and approached Free Bird.

Free Bird noticed Stray Dog before the rest of her flock, and she went to greet him with kindness in her words.  But before introductions were concluded, her family swooped in and shooed Stray Dog away.  They did not want him near Free Bird.  They did not trust Stray Dog.

In most cases, Stray Dog would have started a fight, but because he did not wasnt to scare Free Bird off, he slunk away, back into the depths of his lonely city.  That night, Stray Dog would return to Free Bird's window, and ask to be let in.

After Free Bird let Stray Dog in, Stray Dog let Free Bird out.  He taught her how to sneak away into the dark night and showed her how to run in the city without fear or uncertainty.  Free Bird twittered in excitement and Stray Dog barked in delight.  The two young animals lost all their inhibitions and soon found that they were in love.

But love had its price.

The beasts of the jungle saw that Stray Dog had a new weakness; a weakness for Free Bird.  And so, to hurt him, they followed Free Bird's flock and uncovered all of their bad secrets.

When Free Bird returned home, she found that her family was packing all of their belongings and preparing to fly away.  Free Bird did not want to go, but she was given no choice.  When she tried to run, the flock clipped her wings and held her in a cage.

Stray Dog watched from the shadows and wanted to rescue Free Bird, but he knew she would not forgive him if he hurt her family, so he had t otrack down the beasts instead.  Stray Dog thought that if he could kill the beasts, Free Bird's family might stay.

He followed the trail of the beasts' scent to their lair and he fought, bit and scratched until everything was destroyed.  The house was burnt down and, in the morning, only charred bones were left to be found.  The beasts of the jungle could no longer hurt anyone, but during the battle, Stray Dog was injured grievously.

It took Stray Dog a while to lick his wounds and return to Free Bird's nest to tell her that she didn't have to leave.  But when he got there, the house was empty.  All that was left behind was one feather attached to a note, and the letter read...

"My beloved Stray Dog, I regret that I could not stay, but sometimes that's just the way things are.  I wish that I could be brave like you and make a home on my own, but we are not the same.  I cannot leave my family.  I am not a free bird.  Goodbye..."

Stray Dog read the note twice and then ripped it in half and left it on the road.  He snapped the feather too, and tossed it in the street.  He left the house and went to find something to eat.  He went about his day as regular as ever.  His heart did not crack, nor did a single tear fall.

Because his heart had already been broken, and his tears ha already run dry.  He had loved and lost before.  This was nothing new to him.  This was life.

He roamed his city home and chased pigeons in the street, not allowing himself to mourn over his once loved Free Bird.  What did you expect?  He was a stray dog.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

pressed for time, so no ado.

Clinically they call me crazy,
So I take the pills they gave me,
It makes my world go all hazy,
How is this supposed to save me?


I hide when the doorbell rings,
Apprehension fills my being,
And you know the saddest thing?
I ordered pizza... Tragedy.


Spiders scare me, so do mice,
And I'm known to faint at heights,
I'm scared of what I see at night,
Yeah, I'm a scaredy cat alright.


Once the cat's out of the bag, there are two ways to skin it. And a
bird in the bush is better than a stone in the hand. So let he who has
not sinned cast their first net, because there are plenty of fish in the
sea. And the seashells that she's selling aren't worth the time of
night that comes and goes to realize that real guys keep it in their
pants. And when they're in fire, Hell's bells ring rosey red and
violets blew your mind. So if you don't mind, I'll take my time a
wasting away a long way from that home-town gun range where they shoot
to kill time. So still your mind's eye and see the light shine in the
starry nightmares. I take the bull by the horns and run it right into
the ground, and pound for pound, I'm the best around, taking an eye for
a lie and a tooth for my fairy princess, to string it up like a pearl
necklace and bear it with indignity. So stand up for the belief that
all boy before the mighty pen that is greater than the swiftest sword
that cuts through the truth of the matter at hand until rivers of blood
drip dry and leave unseen scars that run down the highway, not across
the road. And why did the chicken cross it? To prove that he wasn't a
chicken of course. But you can't change what you aren't if you aren't
even aware of where you are.
(yeah... that one didn't really rhyme)


So you think you're pretty smart,
But I know I'm more than slick.
So you can't just dangle that worm,
If you want to catch this fish.
So you think that you're the boss,
But I know our roles are switched.
And I'm never known to beg,
So you can scratch that off your list.
So you're taking all my words,
And you're giving them a twist.
Well I can twist my tongue like a cherry stem,
If you happen to catch my drift.
So you try to call my bluff,
And you say that you will quit.
Well go on and leave then,
See if I really give a shit.
So you give it one more try,
And I let a kind word slip.
Now look how easy these fools grovel,
You fell for my trick.


Welcome to our newfound sickness,
Hellions dance to this disease,
Tragic lips will kiss our mistress,
Hacking out her manic pleas.
Necromancers call forth undead feelings that fill you with dread.
Acid cancer eats your flesh, your mind is blind with loneliness.
I. Will. Feel. Your. Heart. Stop. Beating.
Dreams. Of. Bleeding. Sinking into darkness.
Harnessing your tarnished screams, your ragged breathing's worthless.
Dirt will fill your lungs until you're buried in our curses.
Murderous words are laced with apathy,
Courage fails when you are condemned to catastrophe.
Nasty thoughts pervade your brain and soon you'll lose your sanity.
Brandishing my sword of flames, I'll banish all your vanities.
Easy now the saying goes, your gutless throat in terror froze,
Throes of passion caught by madmen tearing at your tattered clothes.
Cornered by the hungry wolves, my lust for your soul knows no limits,
Biting, scratching, violent thrashing, you will moan until I'm finished.
I'm not done, but you are dear, quiver in fear, your time is near.
Your tears melt in searing fire, I admire how you die.
Skies turn black with burning ashes, you were the last of your kind.


You'll have to forgive me,
I have a flirty gene,
That comes to show,
Whenever I meet someone worth getting to know.
And I know you're the same,
That we both love this game,
Of seeing how much you can take before you choke.
And slip up,
And hiccup,
And spill out your guts.
But these clever scores,
Of metaphores,
Are so unfulfiling,
Like a waterfall trickling.
Which in fact was a simile,
Which is similar,
To a metaphor,
But better for,
Confessing or,
Expressing your,
Thoughts which,
Can come off as,
Or Gnostic,
But methodically reveal,
How you feel,
Through unreal,
But relatable comparisons,
Of garish things,
That are inherently,
And invariably,
Bright and shining,
Like a diamond ring.
Oops, there I go again...
I'll be subtle this time,
As you search through my lines,
That can fill every crevice and crack of your mind.
So confide all your secrets, and I will not tell.
My tongue has been clipped and I can't even spell.
Let's lock our lips tighter than a prison cell.
If you'd be my bunkmante, then I'd go to jail.
I'd break every rule to treasure that pearl.
If passion were fire, then we'd burn in hell.
Well, well, well, now we've gotten off track.
But I've covered our footprint, so there's no going back.
If you want to part now, then I'll leave this at that.
Because we won't ever forget where we lied about facts.


I put the Art in Heartless. That means He Less without me.
I tie a Rope to your Throat making murder she Rote, which might be
unfair because the excess letters are left hanging in the air.
I'll swipe the legs from your Chair and let you catch Air while I snatch
the CH and grab you by the Arm, and if you're still stumbling, that
means I've got Charm.
I take the M out of Mask so you Ask who I M, then I RE: your Mind so you
don't ask it again.
I'm the Ten out of often.
I'm an Outlaw, so you can take the Law and get the F Out because that
would be a Flaw.
And I'm Flawless, but I've never Flunked out, so I'm Lawless, which is
what it's about.
So if you split my last word, A Bout is what you'll get, and if you want
to fight, I'll mix the Lefts with the Rights so I can knock out your
Cuz the truth to Insight is that it is In Sight if you leave out the
Sigh and let it Erupt, then it'll Interrupt your normal thought process.
I take the Con from Confession because I'm not a fake, and I'll raise it
to Pro so my Profession's at stake.
I can even change up my own Name. Just drop N, be a G,
and that'd be Game.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I hope this posts or I'll be pissed.  Posting them all since being able to post is a rare gift for me~

If a tree falls in the forest, And doesn't make a sound.
Then do girls still put on make-up, When no one is around?
If poems are wrote but never read, Are your feelings really let out?
And if no one cries when you are dead, Then what was life about?
If feelings get the best of you, Why do they leave you numb?
And if he leaves when the sex is through, Why do they call it come?
If opening your mouth proves you a fool, Why are the mute called dumb?
And if the box could think outside of you, You'd have a lot more fun.
If dead men tell no tales, Why do they become legends?
And if all your friends are going to hell, then wouldn't that be heaven?
If nice guys finish last, Then why aren't we all bad?
If I could travel to the past, Could I kill my own dad?
If all men have their price, What is the price of freedom?
And if her heart is as cold as ice, What happens when she's peed on?
If we are all so special, What makes someone unique?
If you always do what they tell you, I hope they say that you can speak.
If cheaters never prosper, Do rich men never cheat?
And what do you have to offer, If all you do is seek?
If blessed are the meek and humble, Why do they get beat down?
Just because you never scream or grumble, Doesn't mean you never frown.
If there's more than one way to shave a cat, How should you shave your pussy?
And if pussy-whipped is how you act, Can you stick it in her tooshie?
If there are no stupid questions, Why do we stick to facts?
And did I forget to mention, Or did you forget to ask?
If might really makes right, Then let's all have a fight.
And since we know that we all die, Why should we cling to life?


Slam poetry sonds better when it's read out loud~  Caps for emphasis

Marital Affairs cause Glares and Stares from Angels and Brethren on their Stairway to Heaven.  You'll have to Excuse Them, our Loose Lips Confuse Them, the Noose Slips right Through the Two Rings you have Tied.  The Moon Brings the Tide as it wanes and it Waxes and the board you Ride out on gets lost in the Fact That you've gone with the Sunset.  The sins of the Sons Get Exponentially Broader as the Failures of Fathers are passed down into Darkness.  So we Harness the Farces of Forces in Choices and Start our last March two by two to the Ark.  We Hark unto Angels and Depart from the Strangle Hold of these Gold Idols we quietly Go with our heads hanging Low from the Slow Steady Dread that is Boiling and Spoiling our Hopes to find Bread.  Not mannah but Money, this paper tastes Funny, we're Drunk off this Blood that they're calling his Love.  So they hold out their Plate and we fill it with Cash and they say he will Hate us if we do not Pass this Platter of Pleasure onto our next Neighbor and ask for a Favor, can you fill up my Glass?

Mischievous Mimsies are Devious Simply because it will Work for them to cause Hurt.  The Still Will see Dirt when they can't keep up Pace and end up in Third Place to earn Cups that are Laced with  passionless poison poison, dropping them on their Face.  The Joys they Embrace are just Toys all Encased in the Packings and Wrappings of bows that are Fake.  They're slow to Intake and Aknowledge the Knowledge that I spit in the Mugs of these Motherless Monsterous gaggles of Giddy Fools, Giggling and Snickering about how they Got away with Not breaking the Rules.  The law of the Land is to confuse every Man and to keep us Happy with all of these Bland Dreams that I cannot Stand.  The Fantasy Land is unthinkably Grand and your Chances of finding it are vast as the Sand.  Just Imaging your Standing on top of a Mountain and drinking from Fountains of Youth and True Love.  Aim for it Because if you Don't then you Won't Ever find Better and Sunnier Weather, the Funnier Jesters stand up and they've Spoke.  They've Told all the Truths and Denied all the Lies and the Juciest Fruit of wisdom is their Prize.  Listen and Believe, you will not be Deceived if you will only Please look them right in their Eyes.  Your Life is still Yours, it's your choice to do Chores, but if that's what you Abhor, take a look at this Line:  Your world is completely wrapped up in your Mind, so follow your passion and you'll be just Fine.


This one you can skip, it's rhyming practice but it actually sounds really cool and deep when you read it fast out loud to your friend~  But it makes no sense.  So I titled it, Babbling

Melodies of felonies fill the courts.
Coarse comedies honestly honor the ports
of pirates piloting impervious visions
of missions aborted like ornerous children.
Misgiven mislead and instead of forgiven
fomidable spiritual serial wisdom
of women within some cereberal system.
The clerical queerical theoretical thespians
invest in themselves all the hells of a healthy man.
They can't understand that the scant and unplanned
unmistakeably damned demons hated and fated
irresponsible clans that demand you berated
inconsequential as sand sifting through
oceans blue as the potions of sad.
Magnificient marvelous murderous miscreants
harness the malovent merciful innocents.
Idiots impose upon those who want foes
and what goes to town comes around
when the lovely sounds moan
and the goin' gets tough when their luck runs out cold.
Coal dust will snuff the life right out of your soul,
so you'll blow all your dollars on colorful clothes.
Close minded, my kind friend, in line with old goals.
The ghouls feast on fools for free shoes on the road.

In fact, I could've probably left ou the introduction and gotten some nice comments about how gnostically insightful this poem is~~~


This one's called, Seperate Paths, Same Destiny.

Boys and their toys, Girls and their pearls.
Boys stay employed, Girls run the world.
Guys will tell lies, Dolls will not call.
Guys want their prize, Dolls want it all.
Men will have plans, Women have systems.
Men try again, Women just miss them.
Johns try to con, Janes know the game.
Johns are all wrong, Janes are a pain.
Kings buy the rings, Queens will then sing.
King has a scheme, Queen had a dream.
Compromise bridges chasms, and we do it because.
Girls can fake orgasms, but boys can fake love.


If I had one thousand pages to write how much I HATE you on, I'd waste nine hundred and ninety-nine, because you're really not worth my time, so you only get this one.  I fucking Hate you.

~and I hope you die~


^that one looks a lot better in my journal, where the last line is surounded by hearts and smiles and swirlies and angels...

And now for my personal favorite...

Quick quips slip lips
Bitch Snitch digs ditch
Fixed with lit clip
Slick Clique fixed shit.

And you'll never know who it's dedicated to :]  :)  :D

Love me lovely,

Friday, June 3, 2011

Three for One

Since I have trouble posting, I might as well slop three together.  I actually put effort into each one, which I don't always do~ and I'll save the fun one for last.

In Reverse order that they were written...

Meeting Someone New

Clever rhymes work every time
The severed lines severely shine
And drop into pools of your eyes,
A Fool's love lies deep in his heart
When he speaks true the skies will part
And Heaven's blinding music starts,
Far open spreads star ocean's bed
Our chosen pledge starts with one breath
We swear its honor til our death
Leave Earth to ponder what's been said.

I wrote that one today after an exhilerating psychology class.  It was not so much the class that was exhilerating as it was a classmate...

This one's for the sad state of America...

Lady Liberty

Hypocrit misfits fit together
Like proliferous poems professed letter by letter,
Forever forgotten for all of her problems
The chilled child chortles, chip off the old blocked sun,
Something smothering suddenly sucks
The gestureless jester's paperless pen cuts,
An inkling of ink bleeding into existence
The passiveless press pesters on with persistence,
A semblence of sentances sentance the soldiers
Her heroes hear mean rowns and she grows much colder.

Try to say that Ten Times Fast, haha.
Funny story about that one, I actually didn't know what Proliferous meant when I wrote it, though I felt like  it fit.  I asked around but nobody actually knew what Proliferous meant.  So I typed it into MSWord, thinking I could use their dictionary, but Word told me it wasn't a word!  Well Webster disagreed and informed me that Proliferous was the adjective form of Proliferate, which meant something along the lines of, Multiplying in regards to flowers budding, or some shit like that.  Which did fit for my poem~  Yay me.

Now onto the fun one.  I started this one out of boredom and finished it for ye.
Btw, I'm bringing back the word "Ye" because I don't like the words "Yall"

I'll tell you the game after the poem.  Here goes...

Clever lepers turn to cons
To buy gold cures for soring palms
The stigma tacked on sends a message
That bottled necks stop flow of passage
Massive waves of time oft wasted
Drunk on love because we laced it
Where faces light under bright ideas
Bulbous miles of soulless peers
Oldest fears steer clear of harm
Plowing foul seeds in your farm
Charming wings fling wide like eagle
Spread your bed quick love is lethal
Please don't think those words were weapons
Wolves howl at moons now hear confessions

You like??  Okay, here's the secret.
Each line connects to the next line with a hidden phrase.  A common phrase, or just something that links them.  For example, I'll give you the first one because it's one of the more complex ones.  In the first line, it says "Lepers turn to Cons."  Lepers-Cons, Leprechauns.  And the line after it references Gold.  "Leprechaun's Gold."
And the second line also links to the third, and the third to the fourth, etc, etc...  There are even multiple connections in a couple of the lines.
Find them all to win my love~

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Her, Him, and Me

Loving you is pointless because you're useless,
Foolish pursuits end when I find truth,
Proof of the matter is I only got sadder,
Faster and faster, you led me to disaster.

Snitches get stitches, for being punk bitches,
Come to my door, if you want to finish this,
Stomped stabbed and shot, you will fulfil my wish list,
Bitch snitch threw a fit, now he sleeps with fishes.

I do not wonder, I do not care,
Why when it's summer, that you leave me bare,
I know you blundered your greatest affair,
My life is funner when you are not there.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Supersticious Witches

supersticious witches get stiched up in body bags
never let them out now we are punishing these naughty hags
in the forest we've left trails from all the filthy bodies dragged
tossed in rivers sink or swimmer saint or sinner next comes fire
liar liar we won't trust a word you say
hunt them down til they are tired and they cannot run away
raise the stakes and burn the flesh
laugh at blisters as they fester getting worser kill the curser
murder is for dinner tonight
drag her down and hold her so tight
loving their cries brings us delight
use red pokers take their eyesight
leave them scarred and hurt and maimed
call them insane enjoy their pain
hit them again break their bones
shattered bodies crushed by stones
never never forget ever how evil these witches were
buried in the deep deep dirt
skirts torn up pointy hats tossed
destroyed all their secrets are lost
cost us nothing but their lives
it's no wonder that they hide.

My internet situation is touch and go right now.  So sorry if I don't always comment back immediatey but I promise I will.

Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm like the team that everyone roots for, but doesn't ever win.
Hell, even you were rolling for me, but you missed the final pin.
No seven showed up, I pulled a nine.
You asked for my two cents, but I gave you a dime.
Puzzled and gunned down from the back.
I almost had a heart attack.
I almost let it fade to black.
It was killing me to end like that.
But I understand.
I pray to an Angel for guidance, though I know I haven't sinned.
I'm still your favorite team, and there's always next season.

What Should I Be Like?

Should I be happy and glad?
Should I be angry and mad?
Should I be upset and sad?
Should I be boring and bland?
Should I tell you how easy this is?
That the world is an oyster,
and we are all geniuses?
Do you see how bored I am?
this shit is the easiest,
and I'm the fucking man.
Do you even understand?
Do you even care?
Do you ever stare,
at my crazy antics?
I do it for peanuts.  Kicks.  Shits.
Can't wait to be done with this.
Can't wait to start businesses.
Can't wait until I'm finished.
Matter of fact,
I am.
I keep trying to think of a punch line that rhymes with Sunshine.  But I've got nothin, not even one rhyme.  It's fine.  I'd like to thank duffboi for last night, we had a fun time.  Here's his blog, check it, bitches:

The rules for this award are:
  1. Thank the person who gave you this award and link back to them in your post.
  2. Tell us some things about yourself.
  3. Nominate 10 bloggers.
  4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they have received this award.
I love it when crickets chirp at night.
I love it when you can see all the stars.
I love it when there's a cool breeze, but only if it's gentle and already generally warm.
I love it when it's red.  The sky, that is.  And everythign else, I guess.
I leave typos on purpose.
I'm never scared.
I'm never intimidated.
All you do it piss me off.
Sometimes when I don't want to hurt somebody, I scream.
Sometimes when I scream, it hurts people.
Sometimes my heart gets stabbed and I feel cold like I've lost everything that keeps me warm.
But it always heals back up.
It doesn't make me upset or jaded or rough.
It heals nicely.
I keep a happy smile.
I keep a trick up my sleeve.
I track troupes of tricks towards trouble.  Sometimes.
I never live in one place long.
I do everything efficiently.
I'm not afraid of who I am.
I am magnificient.
I will change the world.
Or leave it.

Now for my favorite bloggers!
1!  This biotch took her Puzzled? blog down, which was totaly my favorite blog I ever read.  However, her other blog does keep it fresh and interesting, so I must keep her at the top of my hit list.
Jessica Thompson will keep you entertained with her Alphabet life.

2@  Bar Science will definitely get you laid.  Or at least make you laugh and teach you some fun ice breakers.

3 is really number one.  Her name is Erica and she is seriously cooler than you.  Here's a link to her blog and if you don't stop reading this and click it right now, you're a fucking moron.

-in process-  As I find worthy entries.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Gypsies. They'll steal everything from you, even your heart.

It's magic, Man
Just look at my hands
You see that they're empty
You see that they're clean
Now watch me close now
Keep your eyes on me
Poof, now I've got you
I've got your attention
I choose what you do
I point your direction
My hands still hold nothing
But that's an illusion
Your mind's eye gets fuzzy
You're lost in confusion
What did I take?
What do I have?
What is this trick's fate?
What's this Gypsy's sham?
It's a mystical art
A sleight of the heart
Made so subtly
An unseen connection
While your eyes were on me
I stole your affection.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

That Night

Reliving the same events night after night,
I'm wishing that I could blind my insight,
Considering wrongs and considering right,
Mysterious songs are playing tonight.

Light after light gets flashed in my eyes,
Flying in the skies, the ashes do rise,
Burning the body of lies you have lain
Bandages wiped off don't cover the stain.

Blaming the pain on the dumb and the lame,
Going insane, I'm waiting for rain,
My brain races through all the events of that night,
It's plain in my mind I should turn off the light.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I just saw the new Burger King commercial and they called a chicken nugget their "new handheld BK snacker"

BK Snacker.


You know who coined that abbreviation?

Dane Cook.  Way back, talking about "the BK Lounge..."

And that joke became so culturally impregnated that Burger King is actually using the familiar term in their commercials.

Like... Whoa...

Saturday, April 16, 2011



Wednesday, April 13, 2011


miserable metaphors must mingle,
like high single guys around,
the one lonely whore

pitiful clever scores of jingles,
strike my feeble life's new found,
love's unholy chore

bored holes blood touch drowns blue mic,
means no insight sees,
those cuz your's never hit my soul

poor souls discuss gowns tonight,
sing tones midnight scene,
though abhorred ever with high toll


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

some thoughts

I'm too lazy to fall in love.  I'd rather just fall asleep and dream about it.

You can't find love.  So don't look for it, fight for it, or pine for it.  You can't buy it, so don't even bother.  Just live your life, walk your path, and fall into it.

If you don't believe anyone, then you won't be deceived.
And if you don't deceive anyone, you should be believed.

Mistaking your identity for someone worth my time,
This poem might be about you, but you're only worth one line.

Friday, April 8, 2011

White lies
Black lies
Buzzing flies on heart, die.
Truth proof the loose noose.
Tighten rope 'round lyin' throat.
Choke, cough, wheeze, hack.
Close off.  Meet Black.
Queer fear smears here.
Bloody note, funny quote.
Quick fit of reminisce.
Feet dangled.  Head angled, feeling shameful, hung so low.
Go in the room.  Scream at the scene.
Know it too soon.  Crying a stream.
What did it mean?  Why did it happen?
Hints we can glean, but still can't imagine.
Saddened, flattened, poppin' asprin.
Hope to cope with loss of folk.

My friend attempted suicide yesterday -.-  Why oh why do they try to die?  Stupid guys, just do it right.
I walked in on the noose tied to his ceiling fan.  I said, "WTF is wrong with you, Man?"
Took the noose down.  Checked him into a hospital.  He'll be back on monday.
Shit's gay.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Since you're not here, let me leave you with this Gem.
This Gem is different.
This Gem is intense.
It will keep you in suspence with it's simple elegence.
It's the kind that changes your mind and makes you happy for life!
It comes at a great price; so rare and hard to find.
But this Gem is so special, and shaping it takes great time.
That's why you speak inrhyme when describing a Gem of this kind.
But this Gem is not yours.  It's not had to be had.
You should love it anyways.  And be glad to be glad.
It doesn't belong to you, it belongs to the land,
Adored in museums, and loved by all man.
This Gem is so different.
It's special.
It Can.
It Will.  Send thrills, and shudder the sand.
It's great and it's the greatest, and so easy to understand.
Partly because it just makes sense, and partly because there's a greater hand.
Because this Gem was so special, and It changed your mind.
Learned to share.  And be kind.
Love all of Man-kind.
Enjoy simple rhymes.
Give love in all kinds.
Quit changing your minds.
And do what is right.
Life is alright.
Things are not bad.
You're really just glad,
Cuz you found this...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All dogs go to heaven

Nate Dog died.  :(
That is a terrible occurance.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Suicide or Sacrifice?

Hey thanks for all the comments guys!  I really appreciate it.  Again, sorry I haven't been on much.  Can't help it, I'm broke :]  Don't worry though, I'm going back and commenting to all of you that show me love :)

Here's a short one or two for the moment.

The opposite of Suicide is Sacrifice.
And the Truest Side of sacrifice is Acting Nice.
Living a Happy Life Dedicated to the ones you Love.
Instead of getting Seperated to live a lonely life Above.

The opposite of Sacrifice is Suicide.
And the Fact in Life's that suicide's and Act of Pride.
Thinking that they would Mind that you're Dead and forever Gone.
But the truth, Instead, is they'll cry once, and then Move On.

I'm not suicidal~~~
Love you~ <3<3<3

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hey sorry I haven't posted anything in a while.  My internet's been hating me.  Here's a story i wrote for you ;)


There once lived a blind princess in a silent castle.  None of the servants were allowed to speak, but they tended to her needs every day.

They dressed her in the finest dresses, shined her crystal slippers and always made sure her crown was straight.

She had everything she could ask for.  The finest toys.  Necklaces made out of huge diamonds.  Exotic songbirds.  She even had a pet Tiger that her father had brought home from India.

Her father was always away on business.  He told her he was working hard to earn a lot of money, so that he could pay a wizard to heal her eyes. 

One day, after a long trip, he spoke to her.

"My little princess.  I finally have enough to buy you sight.  But I have to warn you, it will cost us everything we have.  All of your toys and diamonds and fine dresses will have to be sold.  Even your crown will be sold and we will have to live as peasants.  I want you to think long and hard before you decide."

The little princess didn't need time to decide.

She shouted, "NO!  No Father.  I would never want that.  You can't sell everything.  Please don't, I would rather be blind."

The King was surprised at her pleas.  He told her not to worry and to sleep on her decision.

The next day, he asked the princess if her mind was the same.

"Yes," she said, "my mind will never change."

The king was silent for a moment.  More than anything,he wanted to give his daughter sight, but he also wanted her to be happy.

Finally, he asked her why her mind was so set this way.

"Because I love you, Father!" she cried.

"You work so hard every day for me!  I have everything I could ever ask for because of you.  How can I make you sell all your treasures!  I could never be so selfish.  It's okay if I'm blind, Father.  You're the best dad in the world!"

The King's eyes welled with tears at his daughter's words and he said nothing for the rest of the day

The next morning, he carried his daughter into town and found the wizard.  The wizard put paste over the girl's eyes and told the king to  remove it in an hour.

They thanked him and returned home.

Later that day, the princess opened her eyes and saw the world for the first time.

Her castle was gone, they were in a mud hut.  Her servants had left, only her grandmother was there.  The diamond necklaces had been replaced with rocks and her pet tiger had been replaced with a shaggy dog.

But she could finally see.

Her vision got blurry as tears filled her eyes. 

"I'm sorry Father!" she cried.  "I'm sorry you gave up everything for me."

"No my little princess," he replied.  "This is how it has always been.  But even if I really had a castle, I'd still give it up for you."

Saturday, March 12, 2011

You could never tell her real smiles from the fake ones.  From years of pretending, she had perfected the art.
Some people just wouldn't leave her alone until they saw it.  So she smiled, just to make them go away.  It was all they wanted; validation of their own efforts. they'd move on with their day, not minding if they had really helped or not.

She walked serenely through the world; body buried in eclectic garb.
Like a blind princess in a silent castle, she didn't mind the stares.
Nobody saw the tears that she cried.  Nobody heard her unmuttered words.
It was they who were blind and she who was silent.

The days passed, but the sun never rose.  They didn't mind; all staring at the ground.
Soon even the moon and the stars disappeared, and the girl barely even cared.
She stared at a river that ran into an ocean and wished it would all wash away.

Sometimes in life, nothing ever changes except for the ticks of time.
A constant reminder that she would always be alone.
The pain never ended, the sun never came, those people never saw her, her smile never mattered.
But all day long, they demanded it; validating their own efforts.
They'll move on with their lives.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


He was missing a Piece to my Puzzle,
I told him not to Fuss Though.

He worried so he searched his Mind,
I said he was being too Kind.

The Pieces he finds do not Fit,
The effort is making me Sick.

So He Stops and I am Happy.
The Piece was Confidence, he was lacking.

Time Slows

Time slows because I know you're mine forever, So we'll never grow old, but if we do, let's die together.

A floating feather falls from the pillows of our fight, A busted lip and a broken nose, but I know we'll be alright.

All night I cry in his embrace from things that aren't his fault, He holds me tight and kisses my face til the tears come to a halt.

I say he's safe, and in that case, is where I'll keep my heart, He makes me strong as tie goes on and soon our life will start.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thanks forr reading everything!

I started a Cover Band, for a Kiss Cover Band, because I thought they sounded Great And,
I wanted to Emulate their Emulation, but it was a Disgrace And,
We ended up sounding to much like the original Kiss.
And I don't know what went Amiss, But it Pretty much Sucked.

I didn't say you can't say it. But you must admit that it is.

If a Wise Man tells you the Correct Path in life...

Would you believe him because he is Wise...

Or because you are just a Fool...?

I taste the Fruit bled from your Tree,
And Die to see Eternity.
Don't Condescend with Simple Thoughts,
The  Tainted Path your Savior Walks,
Guilty Pride soaked with Desire,
Baptize Children in Righteous Fire.
Admire You for what you Could be,
but we shouldn't Dream Too much now, Should we?

I think it's pretentious to call anything pretentious

I wanted to sue the tobacco company for giving me Cancer, so I called up a Lawyer, and He Said to to find a lot of Other cancer patients that aren't Dead, so I Did.
But then he told us we would all have to Quit, and a lot of people Didn't Stay.  Plus I don't even have cancer Anyway, so I'll have to put it on hold for a Bit, Which is fine with Me because I Really didn't Even want to Quit Yet.
Thank you! xoxo,
Your Responses were,
Funny and
Ironic and
Offhandish- If a schizophrenic gets killed off in our reality,  What happens to theirs?
Confusing, but thank you. Pura Vida!!...  whatever that... meanah
Half Full,
It's Cool,
And now I'm thinking too... :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ring That More Baby, House Like Another Cash Gone Child

Haha Omg!  Thanks so much for the responses :)  You're all so kind, lol.
So I was reading today out of Stephen Hawking's, The Grand Design, and I'm only on chapter 3 but it started like this:

"A few years ago the city of Monza, Italy, barred pet owners from keeping goldfrish in curved goldfrish bowls.  The measure's sponsor explained the measure in part by saying that it is cruel to keep a frish in a bowl with curved sides because, gazing out, the frish would have a distorted view of reality.  But how do we know we have the true, undistorted picture or reality?  Might not we ourselves also be inside some big goldfrish bowl and have our vision distorted by an enormous lens?  The goldfrish's picture of reality is different from ours, but can we be sure it's less real?"

And it got me thinking... but I want to hear what you think.  Because everybody's views are different, and that's sort of the whole point.  Are we personal realities?  Or are we subject to Objective Reality.  Could they CoExist?  Anywho.  That's what I love about Stephen Hawking, because I open his book and only get one paragraph in :]

So I was thinking about that instead of writing a poem~  But here's one I wrote a long time ago, for my dad <3<3<3

A Ring, a ring, the song that she sings, but the tune turns into demands,
Not That, not that, can't run from the fact, that it's time to become a man.

Some More, some more, it's becoming a chore, and now she wants no protection,
A Baby, a baby, or Lord can you save me?  My choices could use some correction.

A House, a house, for me and my spouse, and also our brand new daughter,
I Like, I like, a family's alright, and I'm making a decent father.

Another, another, she finds a new lover, and leaves me for a prettier man,
My Cash, my cash, judge says she gets half.  Was this all just her master plan?

She's Gone, she's gone, took my ring to the pawn, forget all the times that we had,
My Child, my child, haven't seen in awhile, and she's calling another man dad.


Hey thanks for all the comments guys!  It makes me glad to have written it.  Your responses inspire me to write more :)

Your head hangs low from the choking noose of shame,

You feel smaller in this darkness than a single Candle's flame.

You played your heart out but it was all just a game.

Your soul is smashed, through shattered glass, and only shreds remain.
Go insane.
Lose your pain,
Release your doubts and go without a body, soul, or heart.

Burn through the cold and even though your life is torn apart,

Get smart.

And turn your grief, into art.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Lakes and ditches.
Lakes and ditches.
These are the places that we toss the snitches.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I started Swallowing Swords for a Living, but it ended up Giving me Stomach Problems because I would swallow them Whole and not pull them Out.
And something About having a bunch of Swords in your Belly turns your guts into Jelly.  So they tried to Sell me on this Operation, but they'll have to be Patient, cuz it costs a lot of Money, so I'll need to Swallow more Swords.

I Cut

I cut off my nose, and gave it to him.  He said it didn't smell right.
I cut out my eyes, and gave them to him.  He said he didn't see the point.
I cut off my ears, and gave them to him.  He said I wasn't listening.
I cut out my tongue, and gave it to him.  He said there's no point in talking.
I cut out my heart, and gave it to him.  He said, "I'd love to stay."
But then he went away.
Just like my face...  Blah.  Lol.


You kill me with the slightest touch,
I know I over think too much,
As we converse 'bout such and such,
Dying for a truth to clutch,
Such banter keeps the tides at bay,
But sunsets always fade to gray,
My begging eyes cry out, "please stay,"
Never will I forget that day.

Bitter Butterfly

The searing resonations, of your thoughtless words,
Condemn the sharpest Nations, to ignorance deferred.
Prefer to heed the calling, of the bitter butterfly,
In my dreams I'm falling, to a vicious lullaby.
Crying scarlet rivers, for all the choking memories,
Our love's become misfigured, from these force-fed pleasantries.
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