Saturday, March 12, 2011

You could never tell her real smiles from the fake ones.  From years of pretending, she had perfected the art.
Some people just wouldn't leave her alone until they saw it.  So she smiled, just to make them go away.  It was all they wanted; validation of their own efforts. they'd move on with their day, not minding if they had really helped or not.

She walked serenely through the world; body buried in eclectic garb.
Like a blind princess in a silent castle, she didn't mind the stares.
Nobody saw the tears that she cried.  Nobody heard her unmuttered words.
It was they who were blind and she who was silent.

The days passed, but the sun never rose.  They didn't mind; all staring at the ground.
Soon even the moon and the stars disappeared, and the girl barely even cared.
She stared at a river that ran into an ocean and wished it would all wash away.

Sometimes in life, nothing ever changes except for the ticks of time.
A constant reminder that she would always be alone.
The pain never ended, the sun never came, those people never saw her, her smile never mattered.
But all day long, they demanded it; validating their own efforts.
They'll move on with their lives.


  1. You convey your thoughts very well. I'm impressed.

  2. Awesome poem, I look forward to reading more of your work!

  3. I liked how this was sad in an elegant way and not a self-loathing way. Another great one!

  4. Nice stuff. I know plenty of girls like this.

  5. well written and very melancholic - following

  6. and she died that way. her beauty dispersed.
    and was never remembered.

    i hope you dont mind. thats what i thought when i read your poem.

  7. To further skinned sheep's idea, my thought for a last line was "and she'll never move on with hers."

  8. keep writing, you've got talent! One of these days i'll create a poetry blog myself. that's my real love, that and "serious" fiction. i've been rejected everywhere i've submitted so far, so i might as well put it on the blogosphere.

  9. That's beautiful.

    I can really relate to that.


  10. That first line is so powerful...

  11. lovely poem indeed! Keep 'm coming! :)

  12. write them down in an old notebook, black ink, tatterd pages, and leave it lying on a park bench.
    Youll make someone really happy :D

  13. i usually dont like poetry. this was pretty good :)

  14. i like how you bring facts to the table, but not in a rough, but really likeable way.

  15. I think more people live like that than we think! Greta blog, im following for more poems!

  16. hmmm, you've succeeded in making me quite melancholy.


    I'm hoping your next one will be more uplifting?

  17. first line in the 3rd stanza made me think of this:

    not sure if you'd dig that tone but the "grim" tone of the music fits this poem perfectly.

  18. This poem/thought reminds me of how hard it is to find a friend who truly cares about you. You will find some people who appear to be your friends, but they are really only acquaintances...because they are only there because of convenience. They are using you because they need someone or something at that moment...but they don't REALLY care, and will leave you the second something better comes along. But they don't want to face the fact they are only users, so they want some validation or encouragement from you..a smile, a nod, some form of approval to validate them, and make them feel like a good person. A way to ease their guilty conscience as they leave you behind for "something better." Like the girl in the poem, many go through a lifetime without finding that one real friend who truly cares.


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