Saturday, February 22, 2014

that something is rare has guided our societies beliefs on that items value. If something is rare, then it must be treasured and protected. But what if it's rare to find a plant?

A plant cannot grow in the dark. It cannot be protected from the elements. And in all honesty, when you break a plant, it doesn't stop growing. It becomes stronger. If in fact what is rare should not be kept, but should be shared, then shall we change the way we endeavor to protect it?

What is truly rare in our world? Kindness is rare. Truly caring is uncommon. Love? Shouldn't we fight for these beliefs? There is nothing more rare than action for good. Action for selfishness is inherent.

Let us blossom these treasures; seeded in our hearts and minds, and spread through our actions. Smile, even at a stranger. Forget your petty wants. Unearth through your own desperation and radiate in the sun while soothing the heat for others. Bloom, spread out, grow stronger.
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