Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Her, Him, and Me

Loving you is pointless because you're useless,
Foolish pursuits end when I find truth,
Proof of the matter is I only got sadder,
Faster and faster, you led me to disaster.

Snitches get stitches, for being punk bitches,
Come to my door, if you want to finish this,
Stomped stabbed and shot, you will fulfil my wish list,
Bitch snitch threw a fit, now he sleeps with fishes.

I do not wonder, I do not care,
Why when it's summer, that you leave me bare,
I know you blundered your greatest affair,
My life is funner when you are not there.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Supersticious Witches

supersticious witches get stiched up in body bags
never let them out now we are punishing these naughty hags
in the forest we've left trails from all the filthy bodies dragged
tossed in rivers sink or swimmer saint or sinner next comes fire
liar liar we won't trust a word you say
hunt them down til they are tired and they cannot run away
raise the stakes and burn the flesh
laugh at blisters as they fester getting worser kill the curser
murder is for dinner tonight
drag her down and hold her so tight
loving their cries brings us delight
use red pokers take their eyesight
leave them scarred and hurt and maimed
call them insane enjoy their pain
hit them again break their bones
shattered bodies crushed by stones
never never forget ever how evil these witches were
buried in the deep deep dirt
skirts torn up pointy hats tossed
destroyed all their secrets are lost
cost us nothing but their lives
it's no wonder that they hide.

My internet situation is touch and go right now.  So sorry if I don't always comment back immediatey but I promise I will.

Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm like the team that everyone roots for, but doesn't ever win.
Hell, even you were rolling for me, but you missed the final pin.
No seven showed up, I pulled a nine.
You asked for my two cents, but I gave you a dime.
Puzzled and gunned down from the back.
I almost had a heart attack.
I almost let it fade to black.
It was killing me to end like that.
But I understand.
I pray to an Angel for guidance, though I know I haven't sinned.
I'm still your favorite team, and there's always next season.

What Should I Be Like?

Should I be happy and glad?
Should I be angry and mad?
Should I be upset and sad?
Should I be boring and bland?
Should I tell you how easy this is?
That the world is an oyster,
and we are all geniuses?
Do you see how bored I am?
this shit is the easiest,
and I'm the fucking man.
Do you even understand?
Do you even care?
Do you ever stare,
at my crazy antics?
I do it for peanuts.  Kicks.  Shits.
Can't wait to be done with this.
Can't wait to start businesses.
Can't wait until I'm finished.
Matter of fact,
I am.
I keep trying to think of a punch line that rhymes with Sunshine.  But I've got nothin, not even one rhyme.  It's fine.  I'd like to thank duffboi for last night, we had a fun time.  Here's his blog, check it, bitches:

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I love it when crickets chirp at night.
I love it when you can see all the stars.
I love it when there's a cool breeze, but only if it's gentle and already generally warm.
I love it when it's red.  The sky, that is.  And everythign else, I guess.
I leave typos on purpose.
I'm never scared.
I'm never intimidated.
All you do it piss me off.
Sometimes when I don't want to hurt somebody, I scream.
Sometimes when I scream, it hurts people.
Sometimes my heart gets stabbed and I feel cold like I've lost everything that keeps me warm.
But it always heals back up.
It doesn't make me upset or jaded or rough.
It heals nicely.
I keep a happy smile.
I keep a trick up my sleeve.
I track troupes of tricks towards trouble.  Sometimes.
I never live in one place long.
I do everything efficiently.
I'm not afraid of who I am.
I am magnificient.
I will change the world.
Or leave it.

Now for my favorite bloggers!
1!  This biotch took her Puzzled? blog down, which was totaly my favorite blog I ever read.  However, her other blog does keep it fresh and interesting, so I must keep her at the top of my hit list.
Jessica Thompson will keep you entertained with her Alphabet life.

2@  Bar Science will definitely get you laid.  Or at least make you laugh and teach you some fun ice breakers.

3 is really number one.  Her name is Erica and she is seriously cooler than you.  Here's a link to her blog and if you don't stop reading this and click it right now, you're a fucking moron.

-in process-  As I find worthy entries.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Gypsies. They'll steal everything from you, even your heart.

It's magic, Man
Just look at my hands
You see that they're empty
You see that they're clean
Now watch me close now
Keep your eyes on me
Poof, now I've got you
I've got your attention
I choose what you do
I point your direction
My hands still hold nothing
But that's an illusion
Your mind's eye gets fuzzy
You're lost in confusion
What did I take?
What do I have?
What is this trick's fate?
What's this Gypsy's sham?
It's a mystical art
A sleight of the heart
Made so subtly
An unseen connection
While your eyes were on me
I stole your affection.
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