Monday, May 9, 2011

I keep trying to think of a punch line that rhymes with Sunshine.  But I've got nothin, not even one rhyme.  It's fine.  I'd like to thank duffboi for last night, we had a fun time.  Here's his blog, check it, bitches:

The rules for this award are:
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I love it when crickets chirp at night.
I love it when you can see all the stars.
I love it when there's a cool breeze, but only if it's gentle and already generally warm.
I love it when it's red.  The sky, that is.  And everythign else, I guess.
I leave typos on purpose.
I'm never scared.
I'm never intimidated.
All you do it piss me off.
Sometimes when I don't want to hurt somebody, I scream.
Sometimes when I scream, it hurts people.
Sometimes my heart gets stabbed and I feel cold like I've lost everything that keeps me warm.
But it always heals back up.
It doesn't make me upset or jaded or rough.
It heals nicely.
I keep a happy smile.
I keep a trick up my sleeve.
I track troupes of tricks towards trouble.  Sometimes.
I never live in one place long.
I do everything efficiently.
I'm not afraid of who I am.
I am magnificient.
I will change the world.
Or leave it.

Now for my favorite bloggers!
1!  This biotch took her Puzzled? blog down, which was totaly my favorite blog I ever read.  However, her other blog does keep it fresh and interesting, so I must keep her at the top of my hit list.
Jessica Thompson will keep you entertained with her Alphabet life.

2@  Bar Science will definitely get you laid.  Or at least make you laugh and teach you some fun ice breakers.

3 is really number one.  Her name is Erica and she is seriously cooler than you.  Here's a link to her blog and if you don't stop reading this and click it right now, you're a fucking moron.

-in process-  As I find worthy entries.

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  1. well, you certainly handled that better than me :x


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