Monday, May 2, 2011

Gypsies. They'll steal everything from you, even your heart.

It's magic, Man
Just look at my hands
You see that they're empty
You see that they're clean
Now watch me close now
Keep your eyes on me
Poof, now I've got you
I've got your attention
I choose what you do
I point your direction
My hands still hold nothing
But that's an illusion
Your mind's eye gets fuzzy
You're lost in confusion
What did I take?
What do I have?
What is this trick's fate?
What's this Gypsy's sham?
It's a mystical art
A sleight of the heart
Made so subtly
An unseen connection
While your eyes were on me
I stole your affection.


  1. It rymes and flows very well. I do enjoy it. I also like magic tricks... long as they dont end with me losing my wallet.

  2. i agree with atley and duffboi, nice rhyme scheme, i like it.

  3. I love the short lines =]

    Works really well for this poem.

  4. read the first 5 words of the title and i was like : "hrm... not sure I like where this is going"^^

  5. nicely you live in Europe? I notice a lot of Euro bloggers gripe about gypsies sometimes.

  6. I actually find Gypsies kinda hot, personally.

  7. Don't turn your back even for a minute! :)

    cool poem.

  8. A gypsy stole my iphone. I was pissed

  9. Nice, I like it :)

  10. I love Esmeralda!

  11. Haha great writing! You're good at poetry!

  12. You won an award from me. Check this link, for more details.


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