Sunday, August 26, 2012

bombard them with physical stimuluses and you can control what they think.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

human beings will not live forever, but their actions can echo for eternity.
human beings will not live forever, but their actions can echo for eternity.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Unifying theory of everything in a nutshell

The paradox of duality can be comprehended when you understand the fact that infinitely fast and perfectly still are the same thing. With this comprehension, the action of generating something from nothing is not only plausible, but inescapable. That is where our universe comes from.

Something in its purest form is a single point of one dimensional energy. This is what is produced in duality with Nothing. But the problem with a "point" is that it is infinitely small. However, since the single point is all that exists outside of Nothing, it can also be defined to be infinitely large.

Now an infinitely small/infinitely large one dimensional point would still just appear to be a tiny invisible dot, in our three dimensional universe, but lucky for us, it doesn't stay that way.

Because the single point of energy posesses characteristics of being infinitely small as well as infinitely large, it can never be pinned down to one location and ends up with the property of existing is EVERY location. Which in one dimension isn't a very big deal, because you can't go up or down or turn, you can only go in the one direction of the one dimension that you have, forward.

This forward motion is our universes first conversion of potential energy into mechanical, and it is caused by the opposing forces of infinitely large and infinitely small, similar to the way an alternator converts magnatism into electricity (this means that, in theory, our universe is a massive perpetual energy device, powered by the fact that its counterpart, Nothingness, is unlimited).

When imagined physically, a single point expanding along one dimension would look like a string growing ever longer. This first dimension continues to expand at maximum(infinite) speed and is the energy source that is responsible for the creation of all matter. Defined in a single word: one dimensional energy is- Time.

Time proceeds in one direction, but through the lovely dualities of infinity, it actually proceeds forward in EVERY direction, because a one dimensional point doesn't know which way it is facing and it is defined as being in every location possible, which in one dimension, really only means that it is facing every direction possible.. This creates the second dimension. A plane, rather than a string.

Now a Plane carries over many of the same characteristics of its father Point. It is infinitely large and infinitely small. Every expanding and contracting, and it receives an unlimitled supply of energy from Nothingness, as it is converted into 1d and then 2d.

But a Plane isn't complex enough to create life, it could only expand its energy in two directions forward/backward and side to side. A Plane can never produce complex life, because its energy is flat and uniform.

But lucky for us, it doesn't stay that way. Something changes it, shapes the energy into forms and rearranges them into complex self replicating systems.

And that something is still the very same expanding and contracting infinite energy, stemming from the duality of nothing.

Now that we have two dimensions, the early universe can be visualized as a flat map filled with rings, rather than just one straight line. These rings expand infinitely and end up brushing against each other.

Now the same thing happens to pure energy as happens to two ripple rings in the water when they brush against each other. Where they encounter directly, the opposing forces of energy will cancel each other out, but along the edges, where the ripples aren't clashing directly into each other, the expanding rings touch each other at an angle and end up creating small swirling whirlpools that quickly dissolve.

However, the open universe, the swirling motion does not dissolve, because there are no opposing forces working against it.

Swirling expanding energy is thus naturally created, and it is very different from statically expanding energy is one way.

A swirl creates a whirlpool effect, where as a static expansion does not. This is due to the IMPERFECTION of the swirl which was caused when the two rings collided. The imperfect swirl ends up breaking off of the uniform two dimensional plane because the swirling motion creates a new "center" for its existence. This is technically the first time any energy has had a "location" since before it was at all locations.

Because it does not fit uniformly to the 2d grid, the swirling energy is pushed by the expanding uniform 2d energy and because it does not push back uniformly, it is twisted up and down into the third dimension.

Now what's interesing about the third dimension is that it doesn't just expand and shrink infinitely, like the first two do. Nope.

The up/down energy is emitted in a swirling twist, by the aforementioned forces. However, at this point in the universe, there is no other force to straighten the twist back out. And so, the energy swirls outward from its central point in a twist, but because of that twist, it actually circles back into itself and feeds its energy back into its central point, creating a SPHERE. Now the universe is starting to look like its supposed to.

The swirling spheres aren't perfect, otherwise they wouldn't swirl, and so they lose some energy in their twisting loops. The energy is pulled off into other similar swirling spheres and resupplies them in turn for the energy they've lost, like a circle of life.

But what's even cooler about these spheres is that since they push outward as well as pull inward, an event horizon is created, where if two speheres are far away from each other, they will push apart and remain seperate, but if they get close enough(due to the force of excess directional energy, they will be pulled together. These spherical swirls of energy now possess an event horizon that defines them as mass and have forces generating them that are responsible for every energy type we encounter in the known universe. For lack of a better term, these are Atoms.

From there, you know the basic physics, which are currently flawed, but can be corrected through thorough understanding of where the universe came from.

The main componant missing is that the amount of motion energy needed to cross a swirls event horizon is inversly proportional to the size of the swirl, which is why atoms stack, instead of melding into each other, except in the case of very high speeds or pressures. It also explains the apparent divide in why planets do not interact with each other the way atoms do, even at proportional distances. Its because their huge mass gives them exponentially greater amounts of potential energy at lower speeds.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


got my first smart phone.  we'll see how this works out.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Got Tagged

So Mister Anthrope happenedly tagged on me, decided to tag me.  It's a chore to play he game, I'll answer the questions because I'm bored and vain.

And I just lost.  Now let us begin

1. What part of the country/world are you from and do you like its weather?
 ~I'm from the NW of the continental US and my feelings towards the weather are up in the air.~

2. If you could spend a week anywhere on Earth, where would you go?
~Space camp, so I could get off it.~

3. What's your favorite film- why?
~Kodak, it's a classic.~

4. Which celebrity/athlete/world leader would you like to meet (first name that pops in your head!)?
~Kim Kardasian to make a sex tape wirth.~

5) Monster truck or Mini Cooper?
~Are we playing chicken or going mudding?  Oh wait.  Monster Truck.~

6) What was your worst subject in school?
~Now that I think about it...  I never once struggled.  US history was a little bit hard to care about because... let's face it, there are wars that have lasted longer than our country.~

7) If you could transform your favorite hobby/pastime into a career, you'd be a professional what?
~I wouldn't be a professional, I'd have found a way to sell relaxing on a beach.~

8) You wake up tomorrow and discover you've suddenly become a pro wrestler...what's your theme
song/entrance music going to be? 
~I got distracted on this question by going through my music and then I heard a really good song and hadn't broken my guitar out forever, bt I only played for a little bit cuz I spent forever tuning it.  Then I was hungry but there were no clean dishes so I washed all the dishes and cleaned the whole kitchen and then came back here and remembered I wasn't done with this post, but now I'm still hungry because I never ended up getting anything to eat.  But my intro would be Contra by the Schoolyard Heroes.~

9) Opinions on nationalism?
~As much money as it would cost to end world hunger for a YEAR is spent by the world on military expenses every WEEK.  Could we just have like a "peace week" once a year to get rid of this whole starving babies thing?~
(^that's a little abstract, but basically I'm saying pride in your nation is pointless because it only leads to conflict.  And where you are born is random.)

10) How do you kill time whenever there's a power outage?
~Go or stay outside.~

11) Jesus VS Darth Vader...who wins the battle of the midi-chlorians?!
~Chuck Norris.~

 And now I have a question for you, whoever ma read this.

Why do you blog?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I had a dream last night that I was sitting in dirt and grass with my back against a fence and yelling into the night sky.  It felt good to yell and scream even louder, so I kept going and soon, yelling wasn't enough and I was howling up at the moon.  I was trying to get somewhere, to hit a certain pitch or raise a certain decibel, but I couldn't get to it.  It was like my voice was being squelched and something was holding me back.  I knew I was capable of being louder, but at the moment, it seemed impossible despite everything I tried.

I woke up and wanted to remember the dream, but it quickly slipped away.  But just now, a few hours later, I began to howl and I don't know why, but the dream just came back.

What I do know why, is why I cannot howl as loud as I want.
Because when I am awake, I am not alone by myself in a field.  When I am awake I am in society and cultural expectations.  I've heard that true freedom is a state of mind... but I just can't wait to run through the forest and howl and be free.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

better things to do

When we squeeze tight our eyes,
and scream into black skies,
do the gods hear our cries,
do they care for our lives?

Or do they just wish,
to dispel the myth,
that all our petty problems,
are all they have to deal with.

The irony of the title is meant for the poem, not for my lack of posting~ :] I haven't been on much lately.  What can I say?  I'm getting reacquainted with life.

I still love you all and will probably be on more often as things start to fall back into routine.


Monday, January 30, 2012

being home

Being home is nice.
doing whatever I like.
Seeing home trends,
Meeting old friends,
Things seem like they'll be alright.
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