Thursday, March 1, 2012

I had a dream last night that I was sitting in dirt and grass with my back against a fence and yelling into the night sky.  It felt good to yell and scream even louder, so I kept going and soon, yelling wasn't enough and I was howling up at the moon.  I was trying to get somewhere, to hit a certain pitch or raise a certain decibel, but I couldn't get to it.  It was like my voice was being squelched and something was holding me back.  I knew I was capable of being louder, but at the moment, it seemed impossible despite everything I tried.

I woke up and wanted to remember the dream, but it quickly slipped away.  But just now, a few hours later, I began to howl and I don't know why, but the dream just came back.

What I do know why, is why I cannot howl as loud as I want.
Because when I am awake, I am not alone by myself in a field.  When I am awake I am in society and cultural expectations.  I've heard that true freedom is a state of mind... but I just can't wait to run through the forest and howl and be free.


  1. Our basic animal instincts still clash with our advanced human brain. We've created this modern society of norms/laws/rules/taboos to help survive and subsequently thrive as a species....but they limit and restrict our freedoms and this is the conflict we've faced for centuries.

    Freedom for Safety. Which do we value more? Like wearing a seat belt while driving or following speed limits. They're kind of annoying but will help us, you know, not die. We need it...but secretly hate the damn things.

    end rant. haha

  2. go find a field and let rip...release the inner wolf

  3. hey, so I know you're probably not going to get this for a while but I tagged you in one of those random internet survey/questioner posts. You don't have to respond if you don't want to though. No worries.


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