Sunday, March 18, 2012

Got Tagged

So Mister Anthrope happenedly tagged on me, decided to tag me.  It's a chore to play he game, I'll answer the questions because I'm bored and vain.

And I just lost.  Now let us begin

1. What part of the country/world are you from and do you like its weather?
 ~I'm from the NW of the continental US and my feelings towards the weather are up in the air.~

2. If you could spend a week anywhere on Earth, where would you go?
~Space camp, so I could get off it.~

3. What's your favorite film- why?
~Kodak, it's a classic.~

4. Which celebrity/athlete/world leader would you like to meet (first name that pops in your head!)?
~Kim Kardasian to make a sex tape wirth.~

5) Monster truck or Mini Cooper?
~Are we playing chicken or going mudding?  Oh wait.  Monster Truck.~

6) What was your worst subject in school?
~Now that I think about it...  I never once struggled.  US history was a little bit hard to care about because... let's face it, there are wars that have lasted longer than our country.~

7) If you could transform your favorite hobby/pastime into a career, you'd be a professional what?
~I wouldn't be a professional, I'd have found a way to sell relaxing on a beach.~

8) You wake up tomorrow and discover you've suddenly become a pro wrestler...what's your theme
song/entrance music going to be? 
~I got distracted on this question by going through my music and then I heard a really good song and hadn't broken my guitar out forever, bt I only played for a little bit cuz I spent forever tuning it.  Then I was hungry but there were no clean dishes so I washed all the dishes and cleaned the whole kitchen and then came back here and remembered I wasn't done with this post, but now I'm still hungry because I never ended up getting anything to eat.  But my intro would be Contra by the Schoolyard Heroes.~

9) Opinions on nationalism?
~As much money as it would cost to end world hunger for a YEAR is spent by the world on military expenses every WEEK.  Could we just have like a "peace week" once a year to get rid of this whole starving babies thing?~
(^that's a little abstract, but basically I'm saying pride in your nation is pointless because it only leads to conflict.  And where you are born is random.)

10) How do you kill time whenever there's a power outage?
~Go or stay outside.~

11) Jesus VS Darth Vader...who wins the battle of the midi-chlorians?!
~Chuck Norris.~

 And now I have a question for you, whoever ma read this.

Why do you blog?


  1. lol...nice answers especially about old Kim

  2. ....KODAK! HAHA. I see what ya did there =p

    Why do I blog? It started as a means to make some extra $$$, then it was a way to keep my writing chops up and as a vehicle for random bits of creativity.


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