Tuesday, February 21, 2012

better things to do

When we squeeze tight our eyes,
and scream into black skies,
do the gods hear our cries,
do they care for our lives?

Or do they just wish,
to dispel the myth,
that all our petty problems,
are all they have to deal with.

The irony of the title is meant for the poem, not for my lack of posting~ :] I haven't been on much lately.  What can I say?  I'm getting reacquainted with life.

I still love you all and will probably be on more often as things start to fall back into routine.



  1. Well, lately I have been pondering this very subject which is the theme of your poem. This is kind of a mystery of the universe that has always had my brain in knots...but what brought it back to the forefront recently was this video I watched in which the speaker pointed out that in his view, many people believed in God because they felt that God had done something special for them in their lives... Then he pointed out what about all the zillions of people that God seemingly hasn't helped,...and said he felt it was vain to think God would drop what he was doing to help you, and not help someone else.

    I thought about this, and then considered that maybe God helps everyone (or at least everyone that asks for help or wants help) at some point in their lives. After all, if God answered every prayer no matter how small or insignificant, that would kinda cheapen the whole business. Perhaps, every prayer could seemingly be ignored for decades even...only to be building our character, or maybe He is secretly there by our side as our life experiences help us to mature, to put us into that one place when we are finally ready, where God finally does show up and possibly provide a small miracle. I don't really know the answer...maybe I am just hoping there is some justice in the universe.

    Anywho, it was a really nifty poem. I hope you start writing and posting more regularly. That would be cool.

  2. i agree its a great poem...and I hope you continue to post more :)

  3. Thanks.

    I've long believed that it is not a question of whether the gods exist, but whether they care.

    The way I see it, each person's path of life is different. You can compare their life-timeline to a strand of thread that changes colors. It may start blue and cool and then turn red to green to white over the course of a person's life, depending partly upon the events that occur and how that person handles them.

    Now a God, that created all of these threads in the first place, isn't going to hate the green thread because it's not blue; after all, she created both of them. Both were cared for equally because both were laid down carefully.

    But then again, does an artist really care at all for the individual threads in a tapestry, or is it the big picture that's really important?

  4. welcome back to blogging...and life itself apparently!


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