Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hey sorry I haven't posted anything in a while.  My internet's been hating me.  Here's a story i wrote for you ;)


There once lived a blind princess in a silent castle.  None of the servants were allowed to speak, but they tended to her needs every day.

They dressed her in the finest dresses, shined her crystal slippers and always made sure her crown was straight.

She had everything she could ask for.  The finest toys.  Necklaces made out of huge diamonds.  Exotic songbirds.  She even had a pet Tiger that her father had brought home from India.

Her father was always away on business.  He told her he was working hard to earn a lot of money, so that he could pay a wizard to heal her eyes. 

One day, after a long trip, he spoke to her.

"My little princess.  I finally have enough to buy you sight.  But I have to warn you, it will cost us everything we have.  All of your toys and diamonds and fine dresses will have to be sold.  Even your crown will be sold and we will have to live as peasants.  I want you to think long and hard before you decide."

The little princess didn't need time to decide.

She shouted, "NO!  No Father.  I would never want that.  You can't sell everything.  Please don't, I would rather be blind."

The King was surprised at her pleas.  He told her not to worry and to sleep on her decision.

The next day, he asked the princess if her mind was the same.

"Yes," she said, "my mind will never change."

The king was silent for a moment.  More than anything,he wanted to give his daughter sight, but he also wanted her to be happy.

Finally, he asked her why her mind was so set this way.

"Because I love you, Father!" she cried.

"You work so hard every day for me!  I have everything I could ever ask for because of you.  How can I make you sell all your treasures!  I could never be so selfish.  It's okay if I'm blind, Father.  You're the best dad in the world!"

The King's eyes welled with tears at his daughter's words and he said nothing for the rest of the day

The next morning, he carried his daughter into town and found the wizard.  The wizard put paste over the girl's eyes and told the king to  remove it in an hour.

They thanked him and returned home.

Later that day, the princess opened her eyes and saw the world for the first time.

Her castle was gone, they were in a mud hut.  Her servants had left, only her grandmother was there.  The diamond necklaces had been replaced with rocks and her pet tiger had been replaced with a shaggy dog.

But she could finally see.

Her vision got blurry as tears filled her eyes. 

"I'm sorry Father!" she cried.  "I'm sorry you gave up everything for me."

"No my little princess," he replied.  "This is how it has always been.  But even if I really had a castle, I'd still give it up for you."


  1. awe. what a cute little story. but if i was that little girl i might have gouge out my fathers eyes for lying all these years. just saying.


  2. That's such a sad story =[
    I genuinely enjoyed that, thanks for sharing =]

  3. I actually didn't mind that it was so sad, you obviously put a lot of work into this. Great job, and don't be such a stranger!

  4. wow that was really good! I could see this in a children book. awesome ending

  5. touching....really. Good work Miss.

  6. Lovely story, Had vivid pictures in my mind. If I get round to it id love to try and draw what i saw.
    You have a brilliant mind, don let anyone tell you differently.

  7. that king's a true bro. good story, clique.

  8. cool story thanks for sharing

  9. I don't find it to be a sad story, because even though the girl found out how poor she was, she wasn't really poor, since she had a father that loved her that much.


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