Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thanks forr reading everything!

I started a Cover Band, for a Kiss Cover Band, because I thought they sounded Great And,
I wanted to Emulate their Emulation, but it was a Disgrace And,
We ended up sounding to much like the original Kiss.
And I don't know what went Amiss, But it Pretty much Sucked.


  1. lol wait, is this a round about way of saying kiss sucks? :p

  2. I could never figure out the appeal of those guys either...

  3. "emulate their emulation"

    that line is great. the poem has a nice flowing rhythm

  4. your welcome. glad to show my love ;]

  5. Rofl, nah it means they're getting better. When it's cold and you add more 'covers' in bed, you get cozier. When you add more cover bands, you eventually.. ok nvm.

  6. hehe, never really got the point of glam metal. LOng toungs though^^

  7. @The_illustrative_Mind: Nice try :P When I sleep, I to prefer having an excess of covers and I like it very much!


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