Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I think it's pretentious to call anything pretentious

I wanted to sue the tobacco company for giving me Cancer, so I called up a Lawyer, and He Said to to find a lot of Other cancer patients that aren't Dead, so I Did.
But then he told us we would all have to Quit, and a lot of people Didn't Stay.  Plus I don't even have cancer Anyway, so I'll have to put it on hold for a Bit, Which is fine with Me because I Really didn't Even want to Quit Yet.


  1. thats just pretentious, i dont think telling someone pretentious that hes pretentious doesnt make you pretentious even if the pretentious guy thinks your pretentious the pretentious one its still him

  2. that is stephen hawking kind of 3rd level thinking ;)

  3. this post is pretentious so that makes me pretentious making anyone who looks at this comment pretentious

    therefore we are all pretentious

  4. That's ignorant.

  5. My head hurts from reading this and the subsequent comments...

    Is that pretentious?


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