Thursday, March 10, 2011

Time Slows

Time slows because I know you're mine forever, So we'll never grow old, but if we do, let's die together.

A floating feather falls from the pillows of our fight, A busted lip and a broken nose, but I know we'll be alright.

All night I cry in his embrace from things that aren't his fault, He holds me tight and kisses my face til the tears come to a halt.

I say he's safe, and in that case, is where I'll keep my heart, He makes me strong as tie goes on and soon our life will start.


  1. That's sweet. It sounds like you found "the one."

  2. it's not about anyone in particular. My poems are just emotions.

  3. you are good, we can feel some emotions

  4. Mastering the art of broken promises,
    I shovel lies atop his coffin.
    Consternating what the point of being honest is,
    Scrambling through the maze I'm lost in.

    Come into my church of glass,
    Throw rocks at honest prophets.
    Give it up for a piece of ass,
    Sins burnt in my eye sockets.

    Didn't necessarily happen. Or perhaps literally, but even then, only in the vaguest of ways through different experiences.

    And I don't think there is a "one" :\

  5. I like the second line a lot.

    +1 internets for you.


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