Wednesday, July 6, 2011

pressed for time, so no ado.

Clinically they call me crazy,
So I take the pills they gave me,
It makes my world go all hazy,
How is this supposed to save me?


I hide when the doorbell rings,
Apprehension fills my being,
And you know the saddest thing?
I ordered pizza... Tragedy.


Spiders scare me, so do mice,
And I'm known to faint at heights,
I'm scared of what I see at night,
Yeah, I'm a scaredy cat alright.


Once the cat's out of the bag, there are two ways to skin it. And a
bird in the bush is better than a stone in the hand. So let he who has
not sinned cast their first net, because there are plenty of fish in the
sea. And the seashells that she's selling aren't worth the time of
night that comes and goes to realize that real guys keep it in their
pants. And when they're in fire, Hell's bells ring rosey red and
violets blew your mind. So if you don't mind, I'll take my time a
wasting away a long way from that home-town gun range where they shoot
to kill time. So still your mind's eye and see the light shine in the
starry nightmares. I take the bull by the horns and run it right into
the ground, and pound for pound, I'm the best around, taking an eye for
a lie and a tooth for my fairy princess, to string it up like a pearl
necklace and bear it with indignity. So stand up for the belief that
all boy before the mighty pen that is greater than the swiftest sword
that cuts through the truth of the matter at hand until rivers of blood
drip dry and leave unseen scars that run down the highway, not across
the road. And why did the chicken cross it? To prove that he wasn't a
chicken of course. But you can't change what you aren't if you aren't
even aware of where you are.
(yeah... that one didn't really rhyme)


So you think you're pretty smart,
But I know I'm more than slick.
So you can't just dangle that worm,
If you want to catch this fish.
So you think that you're the boss,
But I know our roles are switched.
And I'm never known to beg,
So you can scratch that off your list.
So you're taking all my words,
And you're giving them a twist.
Well I can twist my tongue like a cherry stem,
If you happen to catch my drift.
So you try to call my bluff,
And you say that you will quit.
Well go on and leave then,
See if I really give a shit.
So you give it one more try,
And I let a kind word slip.
Now look how easy these fools grovel,
You fell for my trick.


Welcome to our newfound sickness,
Hellions dance to this disease,
Tragic lips will kiss our mistress,
Hacking out her manic pleas.
Necromancers call forth undead feelings that fill you with dread.
Acid cancer eats your flesh, your mind is blind with loneliness.
I. Will. Feel. Your. Heart. Stop. Beating.
Dreams. Of. Bleeding. Sinking into darkness.
Harnessing your tarnished screams, your ragged breathing's worthless.
Dirt will fill your lungs until you're buried in our curses.
Murderous words are laced with apathy,
Courage fails when you are condemned to catastrophe.
Nasty thoughts pervade your brain and soon you'll lose your sanity.
Brandishing my sword of flames, I'll banish all your vanities.
Easy now the saying goes, your gutless throat in terror froze,
Throes of passion caught by madmen tearing at your tattered clothes.
Cornered by the hungry wolves, my lust for your soul knows no limits,
Biting, scratching, violent thrashing, you will moan until I'm finished.
I'm not done, but you are dear, quiver in fear, your time is near.
Your tears melt in searing fire, I admire how you die.
Skies turn black with burning ashes, you were the last of your kind.


You'll have to forgive me,
I have a flirty gene,
That comes to show,
Whenever I meet someone worth getting to know.
And I know you're the same,
That we both love this game,
Of seeing how much you can take before you choke.
And slip up,
And hiccup,
And spill out your guts.
But these clever scores,
Of metaphores,
Are so unfulfiling,
Like a waterfall trickling.
Which in fact was a simile,
Which is similar,
To a metaphor,
But better for,
Confessing or,
Expressing your,
Thoughts which,
Can come off as,
Or Gnostic,
But methodically reveal,
How you feel,
Through unreal,
But relatable comparisons,
Of garish things,
That are inherently,
And invariably,
Bright and shining,
Like a diamond ring.
Oops, there I go again...
I'll be subtle this time,
As you search through my lines,
That can fill every crevice and crack of your mind.
So confide all your secrets, and I will not tell.
My tongue has been clipped and I can't even spell.
Let's lock our lips tighter than a prison cell.
If you'd be my bunkmante, then I'd go to jail.
I'd break every rule to treasure that pearl.
If passion were fire, then we'd burn in hell.
Well, well, well, now we've gotten off track.
But I've covered our footprint, so there's no going back.
If you want to part now, then I'll leave this at that.
Because we won't ever forget where we lied about facts.


I put the Art in Heartless. That means He Less without me.
I tie a Rope to your Throat making murder she Rote, which might be
unfair because the excess letters are left hanging in the air.
I'll swipe the legs from your Chair and let you catch Air while I snatch
the CH and grab you by the Arm, and if you're still stumbling, that
means I've got Charm.
I take the M out of Mask so you Ask who I M, then I RE: your Mind so you
don't ask it again.
I'm the Ten out of often.
I'm an Outlaw, so you can take the Law and get the F Out because that
would be a Flaw.
And I'm Flawless, but I've never Flunked out, so I'm Lawless, which is
what it's about.
So if you split my last word, A Bout is what you'll get, and if you want
to fight, I'll mix the Lefts with the Rights so I can knock out your
Cuz the truth to Insight is that it is In Sight if you leave out the
Sigh and let it Erupt, then it'll Interrupt your normal thought process.
I take the Con from Confession because I'm not a fake, and I'll raise it
to Pro so my Profession's at stake.
I can even change up my own Name. Just drop N, be a G,
and that'd be Game.


  1. Great poems!

  2. these are all pretty awesome. I lol'd at the pizza/phobia one. You do this for kicks or are these from a writing class?

  3. You've got some great poems here. Thanks for sharing them , Clique.

  4. Ordinarily I don't have much time for poetry but some of these were very effective. Rhythms came into my head immediately while I was reading some them. Good stuff.

  5. Really enjoyed these, keep it up!

  6. Cool lines!

  7. Think its interesting, the way you play with capital letters in the last one!
    keep them coming!

  8. Dunno if anyone's ever told you this, but you're quite attractive to me and more so in Heaven: I can see the beauty underneath when the world looks for superficiality. Truer words were never spoken. So, meet me beyond the clouds, miss gorgeous, and we'll have total gobs of fun at my party-hardy celebrating our resurrection. God bless you.

  9. Oh wow, don't stop now! This was absolutely incredible...


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