Wednesday, April 13, 2011


miserable metaphors must mingle,
like high single guys around,
the one lonely whore

pitiful clever scores of jingles,
strike my feeble life's new found,
love's unholy chore

bored holes blood touch drowns blue mic,
means no insight sees,
those cuz your's never hit my soul

poor souls discuss gowns tonight,
sing tones midnight scene,
though abhorred ever with high toll



  1. Wow that's a deep poem, loving the rhymes!

  2. no coherent response for you. i was in it while i was reading it tho.

  3. Almost all the way, then undone. Is that the meaning of at least the bottom line?

  4. I thought this was very bleak, but a very good poem nonetheless...

  5. HA, sorry. find it funny when you just bang on your keyboard. gets the point across!

  6. read it multiple times..
    dont get the end.. why does the the alphapet not end.. ahh, brain hurts.

  7. Lines one and two rhyme, syllable for syllable.
    Line three matches their rhymes, except backwords.
    Lines three and four rhyme, syllable for syllable.

    The alpha-beta at the bottom is is the rhyming scheme.

    This was rhyme practice, which is why it doesn't actually make any sense :]

    <3s for all the comments/compliments/confusions though :D xOxOxOx
    ( sorry for the headache jakeO ;) )


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