Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Since you're not here, let me leave you with this Gem.
This Gem is different.
This Gem is intense.
It will keep you in suspence with it's simple elegence.
It's the kind that changes your mind and makes you happy for life!
It comes at a great price; so rare and hard to find.
But this Gem is so special, and shaping it takes great time.
That's why you speak inrhyme when describing a Gem of this kind.
But this Gem is not yours.  It's not had to be had.
You should love it anyways.  And be glad to be glad.
It doesn't belong to you, it belongs to the land,
Adored in museums, and loved by all man.
This Gem is so different.
It's special.
It Can.
It Will.  Send thrills, and shudder the sand.
It's great and it's the greatest, and so easy to understand.
Partly because it just makes sense, and partly because there's a greater hand.
Because this Gem was so special, and It changed your mind.
Learned to share.  And be kind.
Love all of Man-kind.
Enjoy simple rhymes.
Give love in all kinds.
Quit changing your minds.
And do what is right.
Life is alright.
Things are not bad.
You're really just glad,
Cuz you found this...


  1. I love you ended this poem <3

  2. I really like this one, is the "gem" you?

  3. Love the flow of the poem.
    2nd last line, Suposed to be "you found", not "you fond" (?)

  4. beautiful, thank you for sharing. :D

  5. Haha, yes. Found. :] And TY everyone! :D

  6. I do have to say its good but not my favorite ;)

  7. A gem is worthy, a gem is grand, but to find one in the midst, is a benefit to all the land.

  8. Was this a poem about gems? It seemed kinda ambiguous on that point...

  9. Hey, lovely words to my city.. really thank you!I got new pics from here.. and I'll post it next week.. come to see,ok? kss

  10. nice work. I just watched The Town on blu-ray the other day, and the crazy dude's name is James but they call him JEM. I kept thinking of his character as I read this. haha


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