Friday, April 8, 2011

White lies
Black lies
Buzzing flies on heart, die.
Truth proof the loose noose.
Tighten rope 'round lyin' throat.
Choke, cough, wheeze, hack.
Close off.  Meet Black.
Queer fear smears here.
Bloody note, funny quote.
Quick fit of reminisce.
Feet dangled.  Head angled, feeling shameful, hung so low.
Go in the room.  Scream at the scene.
Know it too soon.  Crying a stream.
What did it mean?  Why did it happen?
Hints we can glean, but still can't imagine.
Saddened, flattened, poppin' asprin.
Hope to cope with loss of folk.

My friend attempted suicide yesterday -.-  Why oh why do they try to die?  Stupid guys, just do it right.
I walked in on the noose tied to his ceiling fan.  I said, "WTF is wrong with you, Man?"
Took the noose down.  Checked him into a hospital.  He'll be back on monday.
Shit's gay.


  1. Hopefully shit for him will get better. It's a good thing he's got a friend like you around.

  2. depressing poem
    I don't understand how people can contemplate suicide

  3. Depressing indeed. Keep an eye on him.

  4. Good to hear you came in just in time! I've never been able to understand how people's heads could get so jacked up that they think oblivion is the way to go. Life ALWAYS turns around (unless you are dying or in prison I guess), and things always get better.

    As I read the poem, I couldn't help but think of it as a song with the rhythm you put into the syllables of the words themselves (very clever by the way!).

  5. shit. Watch out for him.
    Talk to him. If you cant get through to him, take him to a professional!

  6. Keep an eye on your friend!

    You are a cutie btw!

  7. As if life wasn't short enough already. Hope his outlook turns around.


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