Friday, June 3, 2011

Three for One

Since I have trouble posting, I might as well slop three together.  I actually put effort into each one, which I don't always do~ and I'll save the fun one for last.

In Reverse order that they were written...

Meeting Someone New

Clever rhymes work every time
The severed lines severely shine
And drop into pools of your eyes,
A Fool's love lies deep in his heart
When he speaks true the skies will part
And Heaven's blinding music starts,
Far open spreads star ocean's bed
Our chosen pledge starts with one breath
We swear its honor til our death
Leave Earth to ponder what's been said.

I wrote that one today after an exhilerating psychology class.  It was not so much the class that was exhilerating as it was a classmate...

This one's for the sad state of America...

Lady Liberty

Hypocrit misfits fit together
Like proliferous poems professed letter by letter,
Forever forgotten for all of her problems
The chilled child chortles, chip off the old blocked sun,
Something smothering suddenly sucks
The gestureless jester's paperless pen cuts,
An inkling of ink bleeding into existence
The passiveless press pesters on with persistence,
A semblence of sentances sentance the soldiers
Her heroes hear mean rowns and she grows much colder.

Try to say that Ten Times Fast, haha.
Funny story about that one, I actually didn't know what Proliferous meant when I wrote it, though I felt like  it fit.  I asked around but nobody actually knew what Proliferous meant.  So I typed it into MSWord, thinking I could use their dictionary, but Word told me it wasn't a word!  Well Webster disagreed and informed me that Proliferous was the adjective form of Proliferate, which meant something along the lines of, Multiplying in regards to flowers budding, or some shit like that.  Which did fit for my poem~  Yay me.

Now onto the fun one.  I started this one out of boredom and finished it for ye.
Btw, I'm bringing back the word "Ye" because I don't like the words "Yall"

I'll tell you the game after the poem.  Here goes...

Clever lepers turn to cons
To buy gold cures for soring palms
The stigma tacked on sends a message
That bottled necks stop flow of passage
Massive waves of time oft wasted
Drunk on love because we laced it
Where faces light under bright ideas
Bulbous miles of soulless peers
Oldest fears steer clear of harm
Plowing foul seeds in your farm
Charming wings fling wide like eagle
Spread your bed quick love is lethal
Please don't think those words were weapons
Wolves howl at moons now hear confessions

You like??  Okay, here's the secret.
Each line connects to the next line with a hidden phrase.  A common phrase, or just something that links them.  For example, I'll give you the first one because it's one of the more complex ones.  In the first line, it says "Lepers turn to Cons."  Lepers-Cons, Leprechauns.  And the line after it references Gold.  "Leprechaun's Gold."
And the second line also links to the third, and the third to the fourth, etc, etc...  There are even multiple connections in a couple of the lines.
Find them all to win my love~


  1. whoa, poetic overkill^^
    Im gonna post post anothzer comment when/if I find all of them.
    cures for soring, cure-sore, "Cursor -> sends a message"?

  2. loved the first one. second was a twister. 3rd one is so creative, I'm perplexed :)

  3. I am glad to see you are still writing. I kinda fell off the turnip truck for awhile but now I am back. I am looking forward to seeing many proliferous posts of poems from you in the future.

  4. hehe I like Rebecca Black. I said she was "America's sweet heart" didn't I??


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