Friday, August 26, 2011

Screwtape's Welcoming

Letchers and Wretches!  Mongrels and Madmen!  Cowards and cruel Cunt Whores!  Offer me your ears.  Relinquish your senses and allow my vile sinistry to pervade your thoughts and minds.

For your next lifetime, your free will will be forfiet.  You will surrender your humanity.  you have been condemned to catastrophe.  Any Gods you may have worshipped have forsaken you.  Your entire soul will be enslaved.

You will forget who you are.  You will forget who you were.  You will forget all thoughts of the future.  All of your dreams shall be twisted into tragedies.  All of your desires shall become depravities.  The remaining scraps of your potential shall be a feast for our Cerberi to devour.  We will take all your pitiful pleasures and churn them into unbearable pain.

Agony awaits you. your tattered bodies shall be hacked to pieces and divided as personal trophies to Infernal Fiends.  Your eyes will be ground into your skulls.  Your ears will be chiseled into points.  And your limbs will become so mangled that the thoughts of moving will register only as miserable convulsions.  Your chest shall be smashed inward and then ripped outward, exposing your heart and lungs to be left for festering decripation until they shrivel away into dry husks and crack apart, collapsing into dust.

All that will remain of you is a soulless, baren, cavernous tomb.  And from this tomb, we shall resurect your body into a fortress of suffering.  A wailing blight.  A malovent Demon.  Welcome Companions!  Welcome to Hell!

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