Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So yeah

If I could edit all my memories,
I'd delete all of my friends,
And keep all of my enemies.

And on that note~

It seems that I cannot comment on anyone's pages =/  I've been trying for about a month now, getting on at different times and whatnot.  So sorry if it seems that I am not very generous when we make blog love.  There are a few people that I'd like to say hi to though.  People whose blogs I've repeatedly failed at commenting on~

Mr Anthropy, thank you for your support and comments :]  I can't listen to the songs you've recently posted, but you look cool in your picture.  Happy Halloween!

AllenTesch, your blog always makes me chuckle.  Congrats on your small screen debut.  You are a six letter word for Unrelated.

Mr. Pope, I really enjoy your blog and I think you are completely awesome.  Your posts make me laugh every time.

Melanie, I enjoy your posts, though it makes me sad that I cannot try any recipies until I get home :(  Mostly, you just make me hungry for good food.

Jessica, Where the hell did you go?  Your blog always makes me think.  I hate you for getting more comments than me even when you haven't posted for a month~

ComeatmeBro, I enjoy your tech news.  There's been a few things I've wanted to comment on, and it makes me pull my hair out that I can't!  marblecake

SubRadarMike, I like your style and thanks for all the fun tunes to listen to :]

It's not that I don't read your blogs, it's just that I can't comment =/  Honestly, reading your blogs is one of the few things I ever get to do for entertainment out here and it makes me feel a little more connected to the outside world.  I hope you all keep it up, and thanks for all your support :) 


  1. Glad you like the site! I'll look in to any issues on my end that might be preventing you from commenting. I checked the spam filter and you're not being filtered out so I'm not sure what the issue could be. Glad to hear from you, hope all is well :]

  2. sucks that blogger is acting strange with you, but glad you're posting and doing well.

  3. well at least you can get some enjoyment form these blogs.As far as not being able to comment,don't sweat it just keep reading : )

  4. Hmmm, sounds like some kind of diabolical conspiracy by the forces of evil to shut up your freedom of speech. Have you tried using a different browser like Google Chrome, or Firefox? I don't know what it could be. Or try creating a new google account, and comment with that...and then leave your blog address, as a signature. That must be very aggravating not being able to comment. I hope this situation gets resolved.

  5. We all have busy lives and understand. Read what you can when you can and don't worry about it. I've had issues with blogger definitely acts weird sometimes.

  6. Ha, thanks for the kind words and it looks like you have your comments sorted out. You should post more often, you know.

  7. In regards to your comment on me blog...yes, I was reading an article awhile back comparing "Let Me In" , and "Let the Right One In"...a lot of people seem to think "Let the Right One In" is even better. I had completely forgotten about that till you reminded me though, so now I will definitely have to see the original version. Yes...and umm..also I was going to tell you the scientist I was thinking of was Dr. Michio Kaku...but you already knew that, so you are way ahead of me as usual. Well done! Anyway, I hope you write again soon. I think we all do.

  8. Thanks for the comment. I sure hope you write some more soon. I hopefully will be updating more frequently myself...or I will die trying!


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